Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average class size? The average class size is 19 students.

  • Does Urban have a registration fee? Yes. The registration fee is $75 annually, with a family maximum of $200. All students have an opportunity to waive the registration fee by completion of academic work outside of school between September 1 - February 1. Children in Kindergarten and older who complete 1,000 minutes of time on the Edgenuity program during non-school hours will have their registration fee waived. Children in Pre-Kindergarten and younger who view a required number of Ready Rosie videos with their parents will have the registration fee waived.

  • Do you have to live in Cleveland to attend UCS? Yes. Urban is focused on serving children who live in eight specific neighborhoods surrounding the school: Ohio City, Detroit Shoreway, Clark Fulton, Stockyards, Cudell, West Boulevard, Tremont, and Brooklyn Centre.

  • Is Urban a religious school? Yes. Urban was founded by the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland over 50 years ago. We are a faith-based school with a religious curriculum rooted in Catholic social justice principles. All children attend religion class, the school day begins and ends with prayer, and we host several all-school prayers services throughout the year.

  • Does UCS have a dress code? Yes. Urban wants children to recognize that they are in school, which is different than play time. The dress code asks for students to wear solid-color shirts with a collar. The shirts must be dark green, navy, white, or grey. Students must wear khaki, navy, or black pants, or nice jeans. Shoes must be school shoes or tennis shoes.

  • Do you teach art? Yes. We have art class, music class, library, physical education, a garden class, and Spanish.

  • Do you have sports at UCS? Yes. We participate in CYO athletics for cross country (levels 1 - 8), girls volleyball (levels 4 - 8), boys and girls basketball (levels 3 - 8), and boys and girls lacrosse (levels 6-8). We also have a close relationship with the Near West Recreation Program.

  • How's the food? Approximately 75% of our students qualify for the National School Lunch Program. Those students receive a tasty lunch for free or reduced costs.  Students who do not qualify can pack their own lunch or buy school lunch for $3 per day.

  • Do you have before care or after care? Yes and No. We do not have a formal before care program. However, the school doors open for all students at 7:35am. We do have an after care program that begins when the school day ends and it runs until 6:00pm. Contact Mrs. Letitia Donat for children levels Pre-Kindergarten through level 3 at 216.939.8330 or or Mr. Pat Valletta with the Arrupe Neighborhood Program for grades 4 - 8 at for more information.

  • What about bullying? Urban has always promoted an anti-bullying environment for our students. We utilize peer mediators, restorative circles, and other methods to ensure that all students feel safe and accepted.

  • How can I learn more? You may contact our Director of Enrollment, Pattie Skrha, at 216.939.8330 or for more information.

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