Extra Support for a Better Future

We have added a new layer of support and intervention services at Urban Community School this year. Our special education program has been able to provide recipients of the Jon Peterson scholarship intervention support in many different forms. One main goal is academic intervention in collaboration within the general education classrooms. Some of our students are benefitting from a check-in, checkout program in a pull out session to aid in skill building and the creation of a repertoire of coping strategies. Consulting with teachers increases the likelihood of success for our students in the range of settings in their daily routine.

Thus far, students have received these additional interventions and supports with the guidance of two intervention specialists, a speech-language pathologist, our school psychologist, and a behavior specialist. Providing these services to our students clearly demonstrates that our focus is that of serving the whole child and their many needs.

Much of what the intervention specialists do in the general education classroom is small group or 1:1 instruction. They are able to pull several students out and use the same structure. What they do is allow our students to better access prior knowledge and give them think-alouds they can use to help solve problems. Most of our students are able to generate great, original ideas but struggle to produce structured output, so we try to give them scaffolding to access it.

As a general example of what our student support services look like with an individual student, we will use one of our 7th level students as an example. According to his IEP (Individualized Educational Plan), he has goals and objectives related to reading comprehension, written expression, and task engagement. As a result of that and his specific curriculum needs, the middle school intervention specialist sees him two times a week in his general education math class, two to three times a week in his general education CSW (Communication Skills Workshop) class, and pulls him out for 1:1 instruction in SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) two times a week.

We look forward to this program working hand-in-hand with the mission at Urban to provide support to students based on their individual level of need.